Sheffield Hallam University

Media Arts Walking Research Group

Melvyn Ternan


Hello. I’m the Course Leader for and Senior Lecturer on the Animation Course at Sheffield Hallam University. This site contains my research work as part of the ADRC funded Media Arts Research Walking Group.

Having spent most of my time since graduating working on other peoples projects, developing them and creating solutions to technical and creative problems, I decided to utilise the space and time afforded by taking part in the research group to generate fresh, new ideas of my own.

I utilise each walk as a way to strip my mind of outside influences to let the walk dictate and inspire new notions, new thoughts and generate new ideas using nothing but the experience and activity of walking.

The only technology that accompanies me on these walks are my phone to track my route, a notepad and pencil.

My aim is to look at the genesis of inspiration and the “Idea of Ideas”.