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Sheffield Hallam University Animations now on Vimeo!

My first book “Stop Motion Animation” is now out and is available to buy online through Amazon! The book contains 20 case studies on completed pieces of stop motion work from around the world as well as fully explained tutorials and set up diagrams on how to create your own stop motion animations.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a hobbyist or regularly producing your own animations, there should be something in there for you. I am really proud to have written this book for Rotovision and it’s extremely exciting to see it finally out there.

In other news: Teaching has begun on another exciting year at Sheffield Hallam University and the new 1st year Animation students are a fantastic bunch. The new 3rd and 4th years are also settling in to the start of their major Animation projects in the Animation Studio. It’s been a tough week but it’s just great to be getting started.

Myself and some recent graduates from the University worked long and hard over the summer producing animated inserts for the NHS through SYFN. The short film on Dental health will be due for distribution soon so come back soon to see the final piece and accompanying making of pictures.

Check out the link below to see completed work from the course which supports all 3 Animation disciplines: 2D Animation, 3D-CGI Animation and Stop Motion Animation. Enjoy!