Animation is an amazing way to help young children work together in a group and explore their imagination.  It is a fantastic vehicle for education too and can be implemented in so many positive and inspiring ways.  Melmation can offer to work with your school, organisation or even one to one, to develop a project or workshop which would suit your specific needs.

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The workshops run by Melmation offer a complete package, even short 2 hour workshops, which include introducing the children to Animation as a technique and art form, educating them so they comprehend the fundamentals of just how Animation works.  Many types of traditional, hands on Animation techniques can be taught - 2D drawn, 3D stop motion, Cut out and Pixilation.  Their work is then Post Produced by Melmation and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo so the children can share their work with other children, friends and family.

Melmation does not run Animation workshops in CG or Flash based Animation as these can lead to splitting children up to work at computer workstations and thus reduce team work.  The hands-on approach to Animation workshops mean the children will feel fully engaged with their work and therefore develop a good sense of ownership of their work.

Even children who have difficulties with attention and discipline find their own space within the workshops.  After just 3 days into a week long project, children have developed an ownership of their work, have developed story boards, understand frame rates and timing along with building sets, props and looking for ways to help each other.

Melmation believes that Animation workshops are an unsung hero of education and should be considered as either part of a healthy extra curricular activity or integrated into an existing project.  Having worked with many varied clients and children from ages 7 to 17 and from many different backgrounds it has become apparent that Animation is a universal technique which never fails to invoke a positive experience and influence children to explore their imagination.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Melmation by either Email or Phone via the contacts page

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