The idea behind Melmation is to supply technical and creative services to clients who are working on Animated or Film based projects. 

Melmation is primarily run by freelance media artist Melvyn Ternan.

After graduating in 2001, Melvyn’s first job was working at bolex brothers, Bristol, on their first digital film "The Day of the Subgenius" as a compositor and animator. From then on Melvyn co-founded two companies in Bristol; Collision Films and Paradise Pictures.

Whilst working at Paradise Pictures Melvyn found himself surrounded by creative, talented film makers who continuously asked for his help on creative projects. He also started to work with young children making animated films and also working with teenagers on community based films.

Having built up a portfolio of projects and years of self taught experience from working on such a number of varied projects (for large studios and cottage industry film makers alike) Melvyn set up Melmation - Animation & Film making services in Early 2006.

To date Melmation has worked with hundreds of varying clients, covering projects such as short animations, workshops, short films, projections, community based work, idents, animated television series and music videos.

His first book “Stop-Motion Animation” is due to be published and released in Autumn 2013

Animation & Film Making services

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